Spin Valis, wood wealth of Golden Valley for many years turns into a product suitable to today’s people and European culture of life.


Furniture “Spin Valis” is produced from natural raw materials, leather and wood, and unlike the furniture manufactured from synthetic materials has its own unique characteristics and personality.


We offer full service design, resolving details, furniture manufacturing in our own production plant and equipping the facilities in general.


“Spin Valis d.d.” continuously invests itself in efforts to production healthy and environmentally friendly furniture, using materials for surface treatment, according to the EU’s health regulations, including the dominance of natural bio – oil that products make more beautiful and healthier. Wooden furniture final coated vegetable oils, environmentally neutral, easily restored and can be, after years of use, recycle and return to nature.


“Spin Valis” is six decades engaged in the production of furniture and last two decades in equipping facilities. Firm has intensified equipping of facilities offering today, through an extensive network of employees and associates, a complete service of design, resolving details, furniture manufacturing in its own production facility and equipping buildings in general. Furnishing facilities in the arrangement of “Spin Valis” involves supplying high-quality furnishing, invented, designed and manufactured. We really take care of using space, functionality and customer preferences. Each project is treated as individual and unique, we don’t supply only furniture to you, but also knowledge in many years of experience and advices.


All our products are FSC certified